Giving Up and Making Mistakes

Are times getting hard and bring you down? Are you willing to give up on your dreams?

Many people do not just give up. People do not just hang their coat up. It comes with time. People start to give up slowly. People will try less and less.  They start to do less activities for their goals to be meet.  Why, why does this happen? You know life gets hard, but the ones who make it are the ones that pick themselves up and tries again.

The idea is to keep trying.  The more mistakes you make the better you will become and the faster you will get to your goals.

Mistakes are a good thing, do not be afraid to make them. The important part about making mistakes when you learn from them. If you do not learn from them,  get some help…. just kidding. But if you do realize that you are making the same mistakes over and over again, then I would advise you to get an unbiased opinion.

Giving up are for losers. How do you see yourself?  Only you can decide.

Keep your head up high and keep dreaming big.

Prepare To Win

Prepare To Win

There are so many people that plan on doing something for themselves but they seem to never accomplish their goal.

Why does this happen. It happens usually because people do not prepare to win. What do I mean when I say “need to prepare to win?” Will it means you are writing everything down from point A to point Z. You setting dates for each step to be complete. You a fighting each and every day to make sure that goal is completed by that date.

Most people do not know how to prepare. Many people do not give themselves an hour a day to sit down and set their schedule for the next day. This is a big issue when it comes to preparing to win.  You need to get yourself organized. This alone can kill any goal you have.

So lets first look at ourselves and view our own position, are we where we want to be? What is our situation, what do you have, what have you gotten?

Second, decide to do it. Do not just tell yourself that is going to happen, DO IT!!! Only you are stopping yourself. You need to have total commitment and you must declare it.

Third, build the momentum. You have to build your mindset. Be prepared for the worst and make the best of it. Everyone will have ups and downs. But the ones who win will make the best of it and keep going. Learn from you falls and move faster.

Prepare to win is all about you. Being lazy, unorganized, thoughtful, and slow will prepare you to lose. What do you want to be a winner or a loser.

Know why you Win and Know why you Lose!!!

Why stay in business?

Why stay in business?

There are so many people that get into business and ask themselves, why do I stay in business?

Let say that you are struggling working a full time job and trying to get your business going. But you come across so many obstacles. The obstacles will bring you down, they will tell you to quit, and they will even make you think you’re crazy.

So what do you do? Do you quit or stay in business? That is the major question you might ask, but is that the question that you should be asking?

What do I mean? First you need to think of why you came in to business in the first place. What was your top ten reasons that made you decide that you wanted to be in business for yourself? Hey if you have more, than keep writing. These are the reasons to stay in business. These reasons need to be written down on a sheet of paper, they need to be close to you at all times. You should also put it on your mirror, so every morning you can read it and be ready to take on the world and stay in business. This is a silly, but it is the most critical step to take in the beginning stages of starting a business.

See these reasons need to be long and short term goal minded. You need to set goals to get there. These reasons have to come from you heart. The goals have to be set for you to reach your reasons. For example a long term goal for me is to prove my family wrong; they said that I was going to be no body (reason). Another long term goal for me is traveling (reason). With my company I am able to travel 3 to 4 times a year to places like Thailand, Hawaii, and California. A short term goal for me is to be financial independent (reason).  Every time when things get rough I look at my 10 reasons and say, Hack NO! I am going to make it. My dreams are worth more than to quit.

My point is that if you get into business first know why you are there and why you want to stay in business. People that just jump in with no reasons, are the ones to fail. The ones, who do not write their goals down, are also the ones to fail. You can be whoever you want to be, but you have to keep telling yourself that and keeping up with your reasons along with setting a goal to achieve those reasons. Reasons and Goals are like peanut butter and jelly. You have to have them both to make a P&J sandwich.

Now don’t ask should I stay in business, ask are my reason more worth it? Fight for your dreams!!!

Final Expense Insurance- Not Just for the Elderly

Funeral Planning and Concierge Service

This is by far the best product out there. Why? Because there is no other company that will be there 24/7 at any time in need. This is the only company that will research and negotiate funeral homes cost and services. Don’t let your family go through a hard time and being used in a time like this. Let our Everest Advisors take care of your family in this time of need

What is Final Expense?

There are many concerns when it comes to final expenses. Final expense are when the time comes your family is left behind with the cost of your funeral expenses.

Who is Everest and their benefits?

According to the Everest consumer research findings, there are 46% of consumers that are worried that they will not be able to afford funeral cost. 37% do not know where to start and 36% are being taken advantage of. That is why Everest came around. They want to make sure that your family will be able to afford it. They save families thousands of dollars on average compared to a person going into a funeral home doing it alone. They want to guide you through the whole process. They will give you unbiased third party advice. They will make sure that your family will not get taken advantage of because they work for the client not for the funeral home.

  • Everest is an independent consumer advocate.
  • Everest has 24/7 Advisors to give our clients a peace of mind and confidence when making difficult financial and emotional decisions
  • Expedite payout of proceeds of your life insurance
  • Price Finder and Research Reports on different funeral homes and planning tools
  • Give At-Need Family Support
  • Tenzing: A secure, cloud-based data vault for storing personal information
  • 48-hr Payout
  • Tax-Free Proceeds

How can you get this wonderful product and do you qualify?

  • Ages: Up to 85
  • Simple Application
  • No medical exam
  • Medical Questions on application
  • Life insurance premiums NEVER increase
  • 95% of people that apply and are approved

The process of filling out the application with me will be about 20 to 30 minutes depending on questions asked and all information on hand. Don’t let time pass you by, it will cost you money and can cause pain for your family.

If you would like to know more please let me know I am here to help.

Stephanie Sharp


Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

This type of insurance is for a specified period of time. The most common types are

10 Years

15 Years

20 Years

30 Years.

So, what does that mean? If you are going to get term 10 years, you are only going to be insured for 10 years. Meaning, if you are 40 years old now, your term will cancel at 50 years old, or 10 years from policy approved date. When you do this you are going to have renew your policy at 50 years old, or at your 10 year anniversary. When you renew you will have to pay the cost for that, your current attained age of renewal. So for this example you will pay the premium for a 50 year old, and not at your first policy year of when you were 40. If you do have a 15 year term, that would be the age insurance was attained plus 15 years.

Examples: Let say a person is 40 and they are getting Term here are the coverage time lines:

10 years: 40 to 50 years old- renew at age 50 for the cost of a 50 year old

15 years: 40 to 55 years old- renew at age 55 for the cost of a 55 year old

20 years: 40 to 60 years old- renew at age 60 for the cost of a 60 year old

30 years: 40 to 70 years old- renew at age 70 for the cost of a 70 year old–this is usually harder to renew at this age.


Term Life Insurance is is generally less expensive than permanent life insurance, in the beginning. Every time you renew a term life Insurance the policy premium will go up. So in the long run it will cost you more to keep this type of insurance. It is probably the most expensive way to have life insurance in the long run. But, if you just need some protection until you can afford permanent then this would be the best option to at least be covered, in my opinion of course. As you see in the chart below:

Term Life Insurance will cost you more as time goes by. When it is time to renew you have to option to renew coverage with no further proof of insurability, but you will be paying a higher premium.

Many Term products, not all, offer you a chance to convert your term to permanent life insurance. This is called the Conversion Provision. This will allow you to do the change without further proof of insurability. This is a good option to have because as your life changes, so will your insurance needs.

An advantage that term does have is that it is a tax-free death benefit to the beneficiaries. So if something was to happen to you during your covered time frame, your beneficiaries will get the face amount/or death benefit tax free.

A disadvantage that term does have is that you do not get any cash value from the policy. Cash Value accumulates as you pay your premiums. So the money that goes into the policy not only pays for the policy, but it also helps you earn rate of return  income. A term Life insurance does not have this. All the money you put into the policy is gone. You either need to use it or lose it…. DON’T do something crazy now!!….. In other words, if nothing happens to you during your time frame and you do not renew the policy, you will no longer be covered. This is why Term is so inexpensive in the beginning years because most people do live out their term.

Term life insurance is quite simple, if you are on a tight budget and just need some type of insurance, this is the best one for you. Just always keep in mind that most people outlive their term and will have to renew. The longer you wait to get permanent insurance the higher the cost because cost does go off of age and health.

So, here is how Term life Insurance works..

1. Premiums:

Whenever you get any type of insurance you have to pay a premium. This is the amount that you will be paying for your Term life insurance. This will usually be the same throughout your term of coverage. This is based on:

a. Age

b. Health

c. Amount of death benefit or coverage

d. Length of time or in other words your “Term”

2. Company Cost & Cost of Pure Insurance:

When premiums are paid, the company will first deduct all of its expenses. Some of the expenses are:

a. Premium taxes

b. Cost of pure insurance or death benefit

c. Sometimes admin fees

d. Sometimes processing fees

3. Pure Insurance:

As stated before, you do not build cash value. The amount paid is for pure insurance coverage of your death benefit. Your death benefit will stay the same until the term of the policy or if you change the policy in between its term.

4. Death Benefit:

If you happen to die during the term of your policy it is the insurance obligation to honor its promise to pay the death benefit to the beneficiary, tax free.

5. Policy Termination:

You are blessed to out live your term policy. If you do happen to outlive your policy, your coverage will end and you nor your beneficiaries will receive anything from the company. You now have the option to renew, with a higher premium due to increase of age or be uncovered(i hope you don’t chose that one).

I hope this helped you all understand the basic of Term Life Insurance. If you are looking for Term I am willing to help you out with that.

Good luck and keep your most valuable asset protected, YOU!


Believe! Are you Successful

Believe! Are your successful?

Why do so many people fail? Do they fail because they have some curse on them? Are they just not good at what they do? Do they just have a bad luck streak? Do you feel this way? WHY?

I know so many people that just fail at everything they do. Why does this happen? It really is no mystery of why this happens. These people seem to fail because their vision is really blinded. They see one a small part of what they want and do not see the whole picture. They do not believe enough for it to come their way. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. If you believe in it, if you tell yourself what you what everyday, if you make up your mind, if you will not let anything bring you down because you SEE the picture. NOTHING WILL STOP YOU from getting what you want. We are distended to get what we want. We just have to make up our minds with our HEART! Your mind is your enemy and will tell you otherwise. It will make you think twice, it will make you confused. But if you listen to your heart, you mind cannot stand a chance. Are you strong enough to know the difference?

So lets ask ourselves does success have any discrimination? Is it our education? NO, not every successful man is a professor. Is it our color? NO, there are many races that are successful. Is it our religion? NO, no one is picked by their religion. Is it base on sex? NO, there are both women and men that are successful. So, what is it? What do all of these people have in common? They all Believe in what they do. They feel it, they live it, they dreamed it, and they became it. It is our mission to get what we want. We just have to Believe… I am not talking about just believing that it can happen. Believe, do you really know what it means?

Believe is such a simple word but it is so powerful if you use it. Many people use it as “yes I believe that I want to be successful”. That statement is someone that believes it by words not by feeling. So what do I mean? Here is another example “I know I am successful, I am on top, I am the best at what I do.l” This is telling yourself, your mind, your soul, your conscience that YOU ARE, not that your are going to, but that you ARE. When you keep telling yourself this, you will learn to speak with your heart and not your mind, it becomes real and when it becomes real, it becomes a reality.

Don’t let your mind destroy your dreams. Speak and Believe with your heart and you are destined to your lifelong dreams.

My story on Money and Life Change

My story on Money and Life Change

So here is the story about me. I grew up in a middle class family. My father was the breadwinner of the home. I grew up learning to get an education, find a job, and work hard for everything you want. My father was a strong minded man. But no one in the family showed us how to save money or how money works.  There is nothing wrong with that because maybe they did not know to teach me. Maybe that is why we stayed middle class.


My mother has always worked and still is working as a housekeeper at a hotel. I have seen her make the same amount of money since I was a little girl. Not even a housekeeping manager makes much. Today my mother, (father passed), has no savings nor any retirement. Thanks to my father that he left my mother life insurance and a retirement plan. We do not know the importance of this until someone has passed. Nor do we know what or how to save to make it. This is not our fault, we were just not taught at home nor at school.

I am a go getter and I am usually about 95% successful in what I do. I am a person that will put my mind to something and I will get it done.


You know I have always had good money. I made my ends meet. I have all my bill paid on time and I just “thought” I had everything under control. Well when I joined this company, I was so wrong.

I had things but, I did not have money. I did not keep my money. It is not how much you make, it is how much you keep. I mean what am I going to do when I get older with all this stuff and no money? This stuff is not going to make me my money back. I work hard every single day to make sure that I am going to pay all my bills and get the things I want. But I never thought about what I am going to do when I get older and cannot do the things I once did.


Money comes and go’s. That is what most people say. After learning about finances and how money really works. I now see it as Money comes and STAYS. This company has really changed my life. This is the reason why I am in this business. I want to share the information that was given to me to help as many families as I can.

This company only asks that you allow us the time to train you and allow yourself the time to be trained. This is your own business and we teach you how to be successful in the financial industry.


I have a sister that struggles every single day. She is on food stamps, she using the government to help pay for her children’s medical. I mean when I ask her to go out and eat, she always says “I don’t have the money.” I feel really bad for her, I have brought up the opportunity to her and she just will not listen. So I have learned that people who want to be helped will let me help them, others will have to one day realize. Their time will come.
I have changed my life and I have not been more successful since I have joined this company.



Wish, Want, Need, Have To! What is the difference?

Here is something that I learned in one of our business training’s. This really made sense of why some people do not make progress in having their own business.

Many people go on saying I wish I have this and that. People also say I want; I want to do this and that. Need, people know when the need to do something or something negative could be the outcome. Have to, people have no choice you have to do it.

So let’s use your bills as an example:

Wish: 30 days till due date, I wish to have my monthly mortgage bill paid before the 8th.

Want: 15 days till due date, I want to have my monthly mortgage bill paid by the 8th

Need to: week till due date, I need to have the money by the 8th

Have to: Due date, It is now the 8th and I have to pay or I am late.

With this example alone it makes sense. If you do not put you mind in a HAVE TO mind set you will not get anywhere in your business. That is why so many people are so unsuccessful. People live a dream of having their own business because they see money coming in and relaxing, going on vacation, and enjoying life. Well that does come but you have to work as well. You must HAVE TO, get your business going. It is not going to go on its own. You might be sitting there saying I am working hard and getting nowhere, maybe because you are in the want stage and have not pushed yourself to the HAVE to stage.

Try to put yourself in a do or die situation and if you do not complete you goal for that week, discipline yourself. If you do complete it because you said I HAVE TO, NO EXCEPTION!!, reward yourself. You will really see a difference if you change your mind set to HAVE TO!

Hope this helps you; it has change my business completely.

Just remember:

Have to

Have to

Have to

There is nothing better this.


My Self, The Enemy- Your Mind

A person mind is so strong. You can make yourself believe what ever you want. It is important to know that if you think negative, negative is who you will become and negative things will come your way. If you think positive, positive is who you will become and good things will come your way.

Just remember that the enemy is your mind, you must train your mind to think good. Once you can master the “POSITIVE” thinking, you will do good in anything you put my mind to.